Cambodia is one of the very few countries who have two good seasons In South East Asia.

Cambodia Kiteboarding has operated out of Villa Vedici riverside resort in Kampot for the past seven years.
We follow the standards and guidelines.


The IKO is the world’s leading kiteboarding organisation, specializing in kiteboard education, promoting safe practices and enhancing the highest standards for the industry.


Lessons are held on the Kampong Bay estuary, 7 km's down river from Villa Vedici resort and offering stunning views of Bokor mountain and Phu Quoc island.
It's a very safe area for teaching, it's a big bay with shallow, warm water. You will have plenty of room for making mistakes, not worrying about other kiters around you.


The windy seasons in Kampot run from November until March, after this the wind changes direction to onshore wind starting from April to begin October.
If a day does not bring enough wind, you will always enjoy Kampot province.



Take a few lessons and get personal feedback and learn fast from one of our certified instructors.