Cambodia Kiteboarding makes your course choice easy;

  • Try it out! – Taster package
  • Yes, I am doing this! – Beginner course
  • Keep practicing! – Pay per hour

Time to get your IKO certification!

After the two day beginner course you will have learnt the nuts and bolts of kiteboarding. You will be registered as an official IKO member.

Taster Package

$ 70

2 hours

For those who are still in doubt about kiting, a taster course can be quite useful. It gives you the basics of kiteboarding in two hours. After this run, you know what it’s all about and whether or not it has triggered you into continuing towards your certification.

The taster course provides all the fundamentals of:

  • Setting up a kite and doing a pre-flight check
  • Launching and landing
  • Flying a trainer kite
  • Re-launching from the water
  • Site assessment and safe wind directions
  • Safety systems

Group Beginner IKO Course most popular

$ 280

8 hours

The two day beginner course is recommended for those who want to give kitesurfing a real chance. Even without any previous experience, after two days you will most likely be able to get up on the board and ride a short distance.
This course teaches you all the necessary safety procedures and you will have lots of fun while experiencing the power of the wind!

In this course you’ll learn the skills described in the taster course plus:

  • How to generate more power with the kite
  • More kite training with bigger kites
  • In a controlled manner, letting the kite drag you through the water (great fun!)
  • How to get up on the board
  • Board control and riding upwind
  • How to rescue yourself back to the beach
  • Right of way rules

Private Beginner IKO Course

$ 360

8 hours
There is an additional $10 damage insurance to all prices. It will protect you from costs in case of damage to the equipment.
Our maximum student to teacher ratio is 3:1

If you would like to continue and learn more on how to improve your skills and become a fully independent rider, then pay per hour.
Perhaps you are curious on how to ride with style on your toes instead of always riding on your heels? Maybe you want to know how to safely land your first jumps?
Just ask us what you’d like to practice and we’ll make a plan for you!

Group Lessons

$ 35

per hour
  • Continue an IKO course that you started somewhere else.
  • Take your riding to the next level with a customized lesson.

Private lesson

$ 45

Per hour

This option is a good choice if you finished your course some time ago and didn’t continue kiting. A few hours refresh will get you back into the kiting terminology and quickly have you back on the board!

Take a few lessons and get personal feedback and learn fast from one of our certified instructors.

From here on, it’s just about getting out there and practicing more; either by taking more lessons, renting equipment or buying your own kite!


Are you a travelling, experienced kiter but don’t want to drag your own kite and board around? No worries – we rent complete kiteboarding gear!

Complete setMost Popular

$ 30

Per hour
  • Ozone 2019 kite models,  in all sizes.
  • Ozone/Cabrinha/North Pumps
  • 20/25/27m Lines with 38/45/50/55cm Bars
  • CrazyFly Boards 135cm up to 160cm
  • Mystic Waste and Seat harnesses
  • Helmet XS/S/M/L/XL
  • Impact vest
  • Shoes

Kite only

$ 20

Per hour
  • Ozone 2019 kites + bar & lines
  • CATALYST V1 &. V2
  • EDGE V9
  • AMP V1
  • ALPHA V1

Board only

$ 20

Per dayCrazyFly 2019 boards

  • LW Cruiser (Beginner/Light wind)
  • Cruiser (Freeride)
  • Raptor LTD (Full carbon)
  • Raptor Pro (Freeride/Freestyle)
  • Bulldozer (Freestyle/Wakestyle)
  • Addict (Wakestyle with boots)

Harness only

$ 10

Per day
  • Mystic Harness (xs/s/m/l/xl/xxl)


$ 5

Per day
  • Ozone Helmet (xs/s/m/l/xl)
  • Impact Vest / Life Jacket (xs/s/m/l/xl)
  • Neoprene shoes (size 36-46)


We can give you a great, complete package deal after completing the course with us.

Ozone kites

% 15

off retail price

Mystic harness

% 10

off retail price

Crazyfly boards

% 25

off retail price
We can order new Ozone kites for you. Delivery will take approximately 18/20 working days.
We can order new Crazyfly boards. Delivery will take up to 5 working days.

Please ask for our stock at Villa Vedici!