Cambodia Kiteboarding offers private and semi-private kiteboarding lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.

Lessons starts all depending on the wind forecast.

To become proficient as a Beginner Kiteboarder you might require more than a 1-day lesson. It takes time to master all the aspects of the sport and getting up on a kiteboard could take 4-6 hours of lesson.

No wind, No fees

In case the wind is too light (less than 11 knots), we will reschedule the session. 

The Discovery $80

Designed for those with no prior experience who want to see if kiting is something they want to commit too.
2 hours
2-4 people, per instructor
A direct water-based introduction to the sport & flying a trainer kite.

The Semi-Private $160 p.p.

Designed for two people of any skill level who want to experience a kiteboarding lesson together. Instruction time with a single instructor is shared between two people.

4 hours
2 people, per instructor

The Private $150

Designed for riders of all skill levels wanting one-on-one personal instruction. Take your kiteboarding skills to the next level with this half day private coaching session.

Radia coaching system

Radia coaching maximizes your learning potential to enable you to develop the skills and confidence.

3 hours
1 person, per instructor